Bunker Naming Auction

We are pleased to announce the auction of the naming rights to each bunker on Brora golf course.

This initiative was conceived and sponsored by two club members, Mike Mackintosh and Ian Butcher.   The naming rights of a number of holes took place in December 2010 and during the Spring of 2011.  The money raised amounted to over £4,000 which has already been invested in equipment for the upkeep of the course.

The final stage of the auction will take place in the Summer of 2011. 

To participate in the auction, you should follow these steps:

(1)  Select the bunker you wish to name from the course planner.

(2)  Decide the level of your maximum bid.

(3)  Check HERE to identify the maximum bid already placed.

(4)   If your proposed bid exceeds the maximum bid already placed, then you can submit your bid in the following ways:

    -    phone the club Secretary on 01408-621417

    -    send an email to secretary@broragolfclub.co.uk

    -    submit the form on the right of this page.

(5)   The list of highest bids will be updated every 24 hours.  Return to this page regularly to check whether your bid remains the highest bid for your chosen hole.

(6)  The auction will close at 9.00pm (BST) on 29 July 2011.  Successful bidders will be contacted on 1st August to arrange payment.

(7)  Please remember that the successful bidders will have the right to name their chosen bunker in perpetuity.